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Profit with a Purpose


I am Angeli. I am a health advocate, who specializes in longevity and toxic-free living (link to mini-Bio). I was born of Nigerian and Ghanaian parents and birthed in the US and moved back home to West Africa in 1996, where I lived in Ghana and Nigeria-until 2018, when I came to Seattle to pursue my birth professional studies.


It is extremely important to me to contribute to improving birth outcomes in my community; I have an internal obligation to play an active role in developing proactive solutions to help end the infant and maternal mortality and morbidity crisis amongst in Ghana. Therefore, I am on a mission of fruition- to equip myself with the appropriate knowledge, skill and credentials to serve my community. 


Women and newborns have a right to quality of care, and pregnancy and childbirth should not put a mother’s or an infant’s lives at risk. Yet, in Ghana, there are gaps in access to quality prenatal, birth and postpartum education and pregnancy care in rural and remote areas- where more than 60% of pregnant women in Ghana live. Many women don’t have access to prenatal care due to scarce resources, including:

  • Difficulties in retaining qualified health providers
  • Ill-equipped health facilities
  • Lack of equipment and supplies
  • Lack of basic resources, such as water and electricity
  • A midwife shortage in Ghana: a 50% increase is required to meet the nation’s midwifery needs.

Due to the prevailing circumstances, I would also like to come up with simple, non-invasive solutions to the maternal and infant morbidity and mortality pandemic in Ghanaian Communities by looking outside the technologically-based intervention realm to meet local mothers and infants at their points of need, especially in the areas where resources are limited, or even non-existent.

There is a dire need to proffer solutions to help transform a paradigm that contributes to a pregnancy filled with fear of the unknown, worry, shame and poor health outcomes into one that promotes dignified and positive childbirth experiences that reduces the occurrences of infant and maternal mortality and morbidity.

My calling will have a focus on midwifery and safe child delivery, as well as engaging in the best practices of prenatal, antenatal and postpartum birth work services that are appropriate for my country. This can include:

  • Using comprehensive childbirth education as a critical intervention tool for reducing infant and maternal morbidity and mortality rates.
  • Supporting and facilitating homebirths and other out-of-hospital births.
  • Empowering mothers to play a more active role in their childbirth experience and safe childcare practices.
  • Serving as a consultant and / or national policy advocate.


I am steadfastly invested in professional birth work and am expanding my knowledge base and by training and studying to attain the following birth professional credentials:

  • Maters of Science of Midwifery (Bastyr University)
  • Certified Professional Midwife (CPM)
  • Certified Birth Doula (DONA)
  • Certified Postpartum Doula (DONA)
  • Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)
  • Certified Childbirth Educator – (Lamaze and ICEA)

The above will not only provide me with the theoretical and practical skills I need to function as a competent birth professional, it will also afford me the credentials I may require to operate as a proponent of maternal and infant welfare issues. I will also be poised to operate in leadership roles leaning towards advocacy and policy-making - locally and at a national level- both in Ghana, as well as internationally. 

Profit with a Purpose

Since my life now revolves around the birth world, I have refreshed my businesses to include products that cater for toxic-free skincare needs for Pregnancy, Birth, Baby and beyond. Profits will be used to fund my training and education.

  • Altogether Lovely Afrotanical Skincare

Toxic-free Mama and Baby Skincare products for Pregnancy, Birth, Baby and Beyond that contain Wildcrafted and Organic toxic-free ingredients that we grow in Ghana ourselves. We also process them in Ghana in small batches into butters and essential oils. Our Organic are certified organic by the Soil Association of UK.

  • Angeli Ogo Apparel

I handcraft toxic-free Baby blankets and Adult Apparel using GOTS certified and other toxic-free Organic Linen, Cotton or Hemp.


Purchasing our Toxic-free Skincare and Apparel contributes to ensuring that I have ample financial resources to pursue the education, training and certification I need that will beneficial in serving under-resourced infants, mother and families in Ghana. Your support of African-owned growing businesses, like Altogether Lovely Afrotanical and Angeli Ogo Apparel, makes a world of difference.

To this effect I am offering a 20% discount to all members of the Puget Sound Birth Professionals group on all products (except gift certificates) And a 30% discount to Birth for the People group members. This way you can try our products to see if they are a good fit for you.

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