Have your Garden and Eat It Too.



Have Your Garden and Eat It Too- Seedling 

Have a garden of your own or dreaming of starting your own? Why not jump start your summer garden by purchasing your healthy organic seedlings directly from FAT and Flourishing FARMACY?

Harvest Seedling Share-

We are delighted to offer a number of Seedling Shares (SS) this year for those who want to garden. Plant selections are open-ended. YOU CHOOSE your combination of plants of herbs, vegetables, fruiting plants (melons, etc.) or flowers from the Seedling List.


There are 3 size options:

Small Seedling Portion    21 single (or 4-pack) plants       $84.00

Full Seedling Portion                   48 single (or 4-pack) plants       $150.00                   

Bountiful Seedling Portion        72 single (or 4-pack) plants $201.00



Plant selections are open-ended. YOU CHOOSE your choice.

  • Receive 10% off future purchases from the FARMACY during the 2020 season
  • Have first opportunity to buy of weekly offerings from the
  • Receive a one-time 10% off our Altogether Lovely Wellbeing Skincare Products.


*Kindly note that all Seedling Shares are pre-ordered and must be paid for in full. They will be ready for pickup or delivery in 4 weeks:

Ordered by:

Ready by:

May 18, 2020

June 15, 2020

May 25, 2020

June 22, 2020

June 1, 2020

June 29 2020


Summary of HOW IT WORKS:

Pre-orders must be paid in full.

I EMAIL or TEXT FAT and Flourising Farmacy - to request the auto-calculating order form and we will mail it to you: joy@altogetherlovley.life (206) 317-1631.

I SELECT my share portion

I CHOOSE my choice of seedlings I want

I mail tmail us your order form

I PAY for my Seedling Portion in FULL, either online, or by cash or check ONLINE ON OUR WEBSITE, CASH OR CHECK

RECEIVE a planting guide and your weekly FARMACY NEWSLETTER that contains gardening tips, recipes, etc.


We have 1 gallon Tomato seedling starts for
Organic Seedling CSA Share
Ready by the 3rd week in June for delivery or pick up.
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