SOW IT FORWARD: Spread the LOVE- Gift Seedlings and Seeds to African Birhworkers, Families and Children


I am part of the organizing committee of NWHF and also a presenter.  This year, as part of reparations, the organizers are extending free admission and free vending for all BIPOCs Kindly find attached the letter of invitation from the founder of the Northwest Herbal Fair.
If any Black or Brown person wants to attend, vend, present and/ or perform at the herbal fair, kindly ask them to contact me, so that I can facilitate a hitch-free registration.  Kindly pass on this information to whomever you think will be interested.  
Our company- Altogether Lovely- is a "Champion" Sponsor for the event (the highest level of sponsorship), and I am the liaison for Sade Musa- one of the keynote speakers.  We are sponsoring her logistics and transportation and her keynote presentation fees, as well as facilitating her accommodation.  As part of sponsorship, we will have a BIPOC - only booth as a safe, healing non-confrontational space.  She will also be teaching a Black-centered BIPOC-only workshop entitled: The Roots Of Our Resistance: Remembering Our Ancestors Through Plants (more details below).  
GIVING IS LIVING.  SOWING IS GROWING.  We encourage you to join hands with us and give any amount towards sponsorship of Sade.   We want to show solidarity.  Our company is ready to pay all, but we prefer that we do it together.  No amount is too small- even the smallest seed can grow into a mammoth tree.
Our paypal:
Kindly select FRIENDS AND FAMILY so that we are not charged any fees.
Info on Sade:
"Sade Musa is the founder of ROOTS OF RESISTANCE, an educational project that seeks to help folks reclaim healing ways interrupted by colonization, to disrupt narratives which invisibilize Afro-diasporic contributions to medicine, and bring attention to health disparities and other forms of health injustice. ROR operates under the belief that bodily autonomy and culturally relevant medical care are essential, and that learning to heal ourselves is a liberatory praxis of self-determination and resistance. ROR is dedicated to helping historically looted communities advocate for their wellbeing, access quality healthcare, and to find alternatives if western healing models fail them. Through ROR she offers donation-based and sliding scale community herbal classes and consultation, leads plant walks, operates an apothecary, and donates medicine to various grassroots wellness programs."
Sade's BIPOC-only workshop topic:
The Roots Of Our Resistance: Remembering Our Ancestors Through Plants
In this workshop, herbalist Sade Musa will discuss how decolonizing traditional medicine is a form of ancestor veneration, and why centering such work is important to modern liberation movements. Together we will explore the ways in which African diasporic peoples have historically used plants to assert autonomy under oppressive conditions, the medico-spiritual resistance cultures of slavery and post-bellum times, and the plant knowledge modern Black folk use to advance health equity.  We’ll outline the influence Africans have had on other healing traditions, and the impact of cultural suppression on our own communities.
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